Monday, January 15, 2018

Next Super Smash Bros. - Will it exist? by Nick D.



The last Smash game came out in 2014, and that was three years ago. It took Ubisoft 2 years to make the latest installment of Assassin’s Creed, so what has been taking Nintendo so long to get the next SSB installment onto the shelves? The head operator of Nintendo America, Reggie Fils-Aime, said on the week of the Switch’s release that Super Smash Bros. for the Switch would be coming soon, but that was back in March. This game hasn’t even had a trailer out and it’s highly anticipated. That’s a crazy level of hype for a game that’s been half confirmed. Let’s just hope Reggie wasn’t trying to pull a goof on us and it’s at least coming out this year. I just hope they don't change Kirby too much because I like his move set.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Must-Read Books by Brandi

Top Ten Books Everyone Should Read Before High School - So You Can Talk About It

One of the amazing truths about reading: it has the power to spark discussion. When you read a book, one that is often critically acclaimed or scholarly analyzed, you're opening yourself up to a world of discussions. These are discussions you can have in high school, college, at that dinner party, and for the rest of your life. You can read books like the ones on this list, and be able to formulate thoughts that you can express and share to the world for the rest of your life. I have taken the top ten books I am able to have discussions about and put them into this list. Included underneath the book and author is a description of the book, why it is so well discussed, and whether it is a book that is critically acclaimed.  Finally, I would like to note that these books, despite all the provoking intense discussions, are ranked from weakest in discussion material (10) to highest in discussion material (1).

10. Don't Sweat the Small Stuff - Richard Carlson (1999)
Don't Sweat the Small Stuff is a nonfiction self help book about how to stop being stressed and worried about things that, in the long term, don't matter; aka ¨small stuff¨ This book is neither highly critically acclaimed nor scholarly analyzed, but is something that provides insight and after reading you will find thought provoking enough to discuss the philosophies that this book presents on how to live a better life.

9. The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins (2008)
The Hunger Games features a society where 12 factions are forced to have one boy and one girl selected to compete in a televised event, run by the capital, where they all fight to the death and crown one victor. This book is popular, and definitely critically acclaimed as one of the best dystopian thrillers in today´s modern culture.

8. Matilda - Roald Dahl (1988)
Matilda is about an extremely smart young girl, who grows up with neglectful, selfish parents who pay no attention to her. When she finally goes to school, her amazing mind is realized by her teacher Miss Honey. This book falls somewhere between the two categories as it is popular and written for children, yet deals with concepts such as extreme intelligence and abuse. It does so brilliantly through, addressing these tough concepts in a way that is easy for a lot of children to grasp. One can easily understand this book, but still have insightful discussions about the effect of extreme intelligence on children and how abuse can affect children.

7. Harry Potter Series - J.K. Rowling (1997 - 2007)  
Please note: I am not including the Cursed Child book in the publication dates or review, as I do not consider this part of the Harry Potter series, nor do many online sources as it was not part of the original publications attributed to the Harry Potter Series.

The Harry Potter Series is one of the most widely read series in today’s current culture. You can have tons of discussions about it, but only if you read it first.

6. The Fault In Our Stars - John Green (2012)
The Fault in Our Stars is a teen romance novel, but not the kind with a typical ending. It is about two teenagers who have their own personal battles with cancer and how they fall madly in love. It is definitely a critically acclaimed book, one that deals with subjects such as life, death, infinity, and the power of love.

5. Of Mice and Men - John Steinbeck (1937)
Of Mice and Men is scholarly analyzed classic. This book builds as you read, can sometimes be a little boring as the characters have to be developed for the ending to be so impactful on the reader. This book is one of the classics, that once you reach the end will have you sitting on the edge of seat contemplating the book’s ending and the meaning behind it.

4.   Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury (1953)
Fahrenheit 451 is a book about the importance of books. It shows how people would rather die for the freedom that reading exposes us to then be subjected to a life in this captivity. It also does this in an interesting way, with a good plot and thriving symbolism. This book is well analyzed and is an amazing topic for discussion.

3.  Frankenstein - Mary Shelley (1818)
Frankenstein is a novel written in the 19th century about the effects being different has on society. We all know about the story of Frankenstein, but actually sitting down and discussing this book, which has fascinating themes and symbolism, gives a whole new twist on the Halloween costume.

2. Brave New World - Aldous Huxley (1932)
Brave New World is a book about an interesting controlled dystopian society. It is well read in high school and is a higher level read, but contains numerous points that show the theme of how technology can negatively control modern society with an all powerful state. There is more than plenty to discuss about this scary insight into the fears of our future.

1. 1984 - George Orwell (1949)
The dystopian novel 1984 features a chilling prophecy written in 1949 of the world in 1984. This book contains the horrors of a totalitarianism society and the quest of the main character, Winston, to find love, freedom of thought, and express true human nature. By far, this novel is an amazing topic of discussion if you want to discuss philosophical concepts such as the freedom of thinking, the oppression of knowledge in an attempt to control, and psychological manipulation.

Playing in the Band by Natalie B

My favorite thing to do is play in the band.  I play the saxophone, and this is my second year.  It’s very fun to play our instruments, hang out with our friends, and make new friends.  We have lessons once a week.  We have full band rehearsals once or twice, where one of the rehearsals is in the morning.  Then the other rehearsal is during the school day.

In lessons, the students go to the music room during a certain period for their instrument sections lessons.  We work on the songs and if something is wrong with someone's instrument, Mr. Cornella can fix it.  We play together as an instrument section, and Mr. Cornella gives advice about different techniques to play our instruments.

During full band rehearsals, either the whole beginner band or the whole advanced band will go to the music room.  We will play all the songs together as a band.  When it gets closer to concerts, Mr. Cornella would combine the bands in the mornings.

We have concerts two times a school year: one winter and one spring concert.  In the winter we also play as a band in Shop Rite.  For both concerts, we play three times that day: once for the Elementary School, once for our school, and then in the evening for our families.  In my opinion, this is the best part of band.
Overall this is why I love band.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Memes of 2017 by Alex

As 2017 comes to a close, I’d like to discuss some of this year's hottest memes. A meme is a funny or embarrassing moment captured in a video or picture with humorous captions on them. This year has been jam-packed with hot memes. Let's get started on the internet's favorites.

The “Catch me outside” meme is a classic. Basically, Danielle Bregoli was a thug on the Dr.Phil and was very tough-acting. She was rude to her mother, Dr.Phil, and the audience. When the audience booed her, she simply said her classic one-liner: “Catch me outside, How bout dah?” Someone made a meme out of this and it went viral. She now is known for that one-liner everywhere. She is also known as simply the "Catch me outside" Girl.

Another spicy meme that's pretty self-explanatory is the Snapchat dancing hot dog. This hot dog is known virally for its randomness and funny appearance. This is a hotdog in a bun with condiments on has a face, and is wearing headphones. If you simply go onto the Snapchat filters one of them used to be the dancing hot dog. This viral hot dog had been taken down from the filter selection since Snapchat changes their filters periodically.

The last meme we will be talking about is the ‘bleach and tone’ meme from Tana Mongeau. Tana went to a new hairdresser to get her roots touched up because she has natural brown hair. However, she has been rocking blonde for a while. So she went to a new hairdresser. She bleached her hair but didn't tone. So her hair came out orange. She was not happy, so she said ‘bleach and tone’ so many times in her youtube video she came out with a t-shirt with the saying on it. She got it fixed, but she was so mad when explaining it on her youtube channel it got 2.7 million views. It is one meme I like because it was a youtube video and I thought it was so funny how it came out orange. So that's it for this week!

Signing off, xoxo

Monday, December 4, 2017

Collection of Poems by Harlow

My Poems by Harlow


I feel my hair whipping against my face as it gets closer
I see the gray, stormy color of it as it rips everything to pieces
Ducking for cover, fear filling my mind
Is everyone safe? Is everyone safe?
I hear the wind screaming as it passes
Ack! I bit my lip from fear!
I taste the tang of blood in my mouth.
As soon as the tornado passes,
I check if everything is safe
I go outside.
I smell the smell of sausages.
How is that possible?
It's the afternoon!
Everyone is still in their basements or bathrooms!
The smell gets stronger.
Light fills my eyes.
I wake up.

Shadow poem

Slipping between patches of sunlight
Dark as the night
Hiding in shade
In the night, it fades
Tip-toeing around
Without making a sound
Everything has one
Even a bun
Until the sun dies,
You'll be able to see one
With your own eyes.

The candle fell over, and the fire leaped onto the table cloth
Finally, finally free!
It was so, so hungry, it licked everything in sight.
The fire duplicated, once, twice, thrice,
Overcoming and encompassing everything it touched.
Soon, it had eaten every item in sight
But it was not enough.
The fire hopped outside the door, enveloping that, too, in flames
It licked the grass, the trees, the sky
Everything was burning, burning
The fire reveled in the terror and pain and helplessness it caused.
It was still hungry, but in a different way
Power-hungry and bloodthirsty, it ripped through the forest like it was nothing
It came upon a neighborhood.
Perfect! Fire thought, leaping into the air
It landed on a red roof, which was soon engulfed in flames
It ran, ran, ran, gathering momentum…
It flew through the air, but before it felt the roof beneath its feet…
It hollered in agony. It was dying, dying, dying…
“Curse you, water!”
Before it went out, the fire saw its beautiful masterpiece being destroyed.
Nooooo… it thought.
It started dying, bit by bit.
It faded, faded, faded…

The Flute Player
The girl picked up the flute and played.
It sang and sang and sang;
Sometimes low like a wild cat’s purr;
Sometimes high like a songbird.
Sometimes loud like a charging bull;
And sometimes quiet like a whisper that dances in your ears.

Note to Self
Be kind
To compliments, don't be blind
Do your best
Remember how much you are blessed
Be sensitive to others' needs
Perform at least one good deed
And, last but not least,
Work hard enough that your brow is creased

People feeling happy, not fighting
Everyone helping each other
And everyone's in harmony
Calm spread over the world
Each and every person smiling

Thunder crashing
Sounding like a million stampeding horses
Lightning lighting up the sky
Like the torches of Hecate
Rain splashing against the ground
Drops so big a mountain must’ve cried
A symphony of sounds
The sounds of destruction
These sounds strike awe and terror in the hearts of the beholders.

Space View from Earth
The inky blackness extending as far as you can see
The stars forming pictures in the sky
On special nights, you can see planets
Sometimes red, sometimes blue, always bright
Look! The space station is passing overhead!
Quick, wave even though the astronauts can’t see us!
Space looks infinite
Spreading over the world like a sparkling blanket
I marvel at the mysteries it holds
So much we haven’t discovered!
I love space

Words are the most powerful thing in the universe
More powerful than force or fear
Words can motivate armies of a hundred thousand strong
They can break people
Heal people
Move people
Make people get up and take a stand
Words can make people come together or break apart
They can be deep and strong, or light and fluid
They can change something inside of everyone
In their mind, their heart, their soul
Words are full of power

Social Media by Harlow

Social Media Pros and Cons by Harlow

        These days, almost everyone with a phone has some type of social media app, whether it be Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Musically, or something else! Today, I’m going to list some of the pros and cons of having social media. Scroll down below to find them!

You can see what everyone is doing
Anyone can see what you’re doing (unless you have a private account)
You can connect with friends you haven’t seen in awhile
People can impersonate your friends and write down all of your personal information
You can meet new people
You can meet people who lie about who they are, their age, etc. so they can get your personal information
You can look up  things/people up anytime you want
You could get addicted to social media
You can share what you want with the world
You have to be careful what you post, because colleges, jobs, etc. look at your social media to see if you are a good person
You can stalk your favorite celebrity
People can stalk you
You can follow/friend family members
If your mom or dad has social media, they can look at everything you post
You can learn where people are going so you can surprise them and be there when they get there
Stalkers can do that to you as well
You can know the trends before they become huge
If you do them before they become cool, you might look silly
You can talk with a person on social media and make plans, catch up, etc.
People you don’t like can find you and message you

    Those are some of the pros and cons of social media. I hope you liked my article! Remember: Don’t share anything you’ll regret on social media!

Littering by Sofia

Littering by Sofia

Did you know that the U.S spends over $11.5 billion dollars each year?  36% of business development officials say that litter impacts a decision to locate a community. Wouldn’t that be disappointing if you were trying to make a new house complex, but there was too much litter to clean.  It's unfortunate that people's littering can affect so many negatively.  It’s a problem, and you have to think that the act of littering is ruining plants and animals, and soon it can spread to you too. That is why littering is very bad, and why you should definitely think about the consequences of your actions before you act.