Friday, June 15, 2018

Pesticides Study by Sarah S, Eva and Kayla

In our 6th grade science class in late May and early June, we worked on a science project with Mrs. Poyer on environmental issues, and solutions to them. Our group chose pesticides, and decided to contact and visit local businesses to learn about what they are doing on the topic of pesticides, as well as everything else they are doing for the environment. We got information from Krogh's, Shoprite, and Salt GastroPub. We got the opportunity to visit Shoprite and Salt, and we contacted Krogh's through Facebook Messenger.
The most important thing we took away from this project was that Byram mostly frowns upon the use of pesticides in local businesses. We were told by Salt that they do not use pesticides at all, and that the use of it is frowned upon. We also learned that Salt uses a beehive at their restaurant, and that Shoprite reuses breads to use for feed for animals. They also hand in cardboard to the town, and the store, as well as Byram, get credit for it. 
You can see the documentary we put together above. My group and I learned a lot from this project, and I hope you enjoy watching the final product. 

Spring Sports by Jordyn B

Friday, June 8, 2018

Poems by Kaleigh

This is a collection of poetry from the sixth grade school year.

It kind of makes me scared
traveling somewhere new
It's kind of like a whole new world,
where you don't know anybody
I don't know any of the languages,
Spanish, Chinese, French, I should really know french
After all, I'm going to Paris
I will get to see the Eiffel tower,
And I will get eat croissants too
I am still nervous about going to Paris,
But also excited as well
I don't know anything about it,
But I will learn

I love nature
The birds speaking to me and singing songs
The trees dancing along with the wind
I love the way the rivers whisper to the rocks
The way flowers show off their pretty colors
The baby deer prancing around, letting the world know they are there
I love that finding animals in the winter is like finding a needle in a haystack
The way that frost climbs up on the windows creating designs
The way that the sun hugs you with a blanket of warmth
I love nature

School Nap
She sat in school and awaited the bell
As the teacher talked her thoughts took off
The Light bulb glowed like the sun
The Fan gave off a breeze as cold as a winter day
She still awaited the bell
She waited ,and waited, and waited
When the bell rang, the girl did not go
Just stared at the board confused and unaware

Eggs, cream, sugar, and cocoa
At first it seems like putting these things together is loco
But when you blend them all together for a minute and a half
You see all together and it makes you kind of laugh
You pop it in the oven to see what will come out
Wait twenty minutes and clean up about
Take the tray out of the oven and see the treat
A smile spreads across your face as you eat
You think it tastes good so you decorate like crazy
Put iced roses on the side and on the top a nice daisy
Ice on some grass and a tiny little sun
Add a few sprinkles and say “ This is fun!”
Put it in the fridge and plop in a chair
After you wait you go see your cake and know that you put in great care!
Show your family and cut your masterpiece
Breath out a sigh of relief
If you love baking with all of your heart
You’ll do it again, all from the start!

The beautiful sounds of Nature
Annoying songs of birds
Too noisy to read
Ugly sounds of raccoons
Raging cats as dogs try to play with them
Even to loud to fall asleep

Christmas is here
Christmas is coming so gather ‘round, all
I want a puppy, a book, and a small stuffed doll
“It’s not all about the presents” say the adults
If that's true then why do they get us great gifts for  results
I snuggle up by the fireplace with my brother and cat
 But the flame then goes out so I put on a hat
I bake Christmas cookies and brew up some tea
I looked out the window and what did I see?
I saw snow coming down 
I looked out the window and looked at my snow covered town
So ran outside and sledded down the hill
My sled’s very fast so it gave me thrills
I went back inside since the snow gave me chills
I went to my mom and said in a cheer
“Merry Christmas to all and have a happy New Year!”

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Reminiscing About Byram by Sara B.

As my final year at Byram is coming to a close, the days are swiftly zipping by.  It is odd-the more I am here, the more I don’t want to leave.  As adolescents, all we want to do is leave middle school, grow up and move on.  It seems that graduation day is something my peers and I are both looking forward to and dreading.  As the year closes out, I am thinking about all of the teachers and activities I will be leaving behind here.  Although it is bittersweet leaving, Byram Intermediate is our safe place, and it will terrifying and exciting to take that security blanket off.

Being here for four years, no one can deny we have had good days, bad days, exciting days, stressful days, happy days, and so many in between.  We spent a huge chunk of our childhood in this school.  Saying goodbye is going to be very difficult, but again I know the security blanket just needs to be taken off.  The teachers here have molded me into the student I have always strived to be, and no matter what, they always wanted me to succeed. Byram Intermediate created my love for language arts, writing, track, reading, and all things academic.  The amazing teachers here have always told me not to give up.  I know I will meet new teachers who will inspire me, but some of the ones here will always have a special place.

Now that I look back on Byram, I should have enjoyed it more it seems.  Eighth grade went by very quickly and was personally my favorite.  Graduating is going to be bittersweet, but my time here at Byram is up, and I will always have the amazing memories here.  As we all get rid of our security blankets and move on, we will never forget our years here at Byram.  Thank you to everyone who helped make my years here memorable and incredible!

Magic: The Gathering by Michael B.

Magic the Gathering has been around for a while, and every year several new expansions and packs arrive. The most recent pack is called Amonkhet, so let's dive right into it!

Amonkhet is an expansion which explores the world of Amonkhet. It is part of the block with the same name, and the other pack is called Hour of Devastation. The whole place of Amonkhet is somewhat based on Egypt and its mythology. There are also new mechanics, which brings us to our next section.

There are four new mechanics and two new spell types. The mechanics are embalm, exert, brick counters, and -1/-1 counters. Embalm means a creature can create a zombie copy of itself, with the same stats and it becomes a token creature. This is probably a reference to embalming, which was done to mummies in ancient Egypt. Exerting is when a creature can't untap on its controller's next untap step. Brick counter is a counter for certain artifacts, kind of like the ice counters for Thing in the Ice. -1/-1 counters are just like +1/+1 counters, but the opposite. The two new spells are gods. They function the same way they did in the Born of Gods pack in the past expansions. The gods have their own trials and monuments. and the trials do certain things depending on which card it is, and the monuments are artifacts. The final thing is a cartouche. It is an artifact that functions as an enchantment!

That's all for now in Magic the Gathering.  There will most likely be another article when Hour of Devastation comes out, stay tuned!

Why Venom Needs to be in the MCU by Michael B.

As some of you may know, Venom is an interesting and complex character in the Marvel Universe. With the new Venom movie coming out in October this year, I want to say a few things about the setting of the movie. First off, the movie is about the Eddie Brock Venom, who is a journalist-turned villain. He becomes a journalist and follows the story of Sin-eater, a serial killer in New York. Eddie is contacted by someone claiming to be the Sin-eater, and Eddie writes an exposé about the identity of the Sin-eater. However, Spiderman catches the real Sin-eater, and Eddie is fired for writing a story about a fake killer. Eddie becomes a sad person whose father and ex-wife have stopped talking to him, and he goes to a church to ask for forgiveness. At this time, Spiderman uses the church’s bell to remove his symbiote suit, and the symbiote bonds to Eddie, granting him his powers. This arc makes Eddie Brock into the villain known as Venom, who seeks to get revenge on Spiderman for catching the real Sin-eater.

In Ruben Fleischer’s Venom movie, the story is a little different. In the movie adaptation, Eddie Brock is investigating the Life Foundation, where they’ve captured a symbiote. Eddie investigates rumors that the symbiote is being used in human-symbiote experiments. Eddie gets attacked by a patient infected with the symbiote, and he gets the powers granted by the symbiote. This is more related to the Venom: Lethal Protector storyline in the comics, where Spiderman fights with Venom against other symbiotes. However, something is still wrong. Venom is a villain/anti-hero that came from Spiderman stories. Without Spiderman, there’s no Venom. This poses an issue since the movie is going to be outside the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). This problem also occurred in movies like Logan and Deadpool, where they could never interact with the other (frankly, more successful) Marvel characters. Bottom line, Venom has always been based off Spiderman, so Venom with no Spiderman is simply an injustice to the fans that pay attention.