Thursday, November 16, 2017

Why You Should Play League of Legends by Michael

Why You Should Play League of Legends

    So I hear you, you’ve played all the games, gotten all the achievements, and now you’re bored. What could you possibly do now you ask? You must move on from gaming you guess… WRONG! There’s a (not really) new game called League of Legends! It’s a sweet awesome game that is played by 27 million people! You won’t even come close to meeting that many people in your life! Let me explain it.

    League of Legends, or LoL, is a game from the MOBA genre. MOBA stands for multiplayer online battle arena. This means there are three lanes, that players go through, and they push towards the enemy base.
Image result for map of summoner's rift 
As you can see in the picture above, there’s the red and blue bases, and each base has a Nexus.  If you destroy the Nexus, you win! Usually, there are two players in the bottom lane, one in the middle, and one in the top. You might notice some area between the three lanes(the lanes are labeled as top, bot, and mid.): that’s the jungle! The jungle has monsters in it that players can kill, instead of minions. Certain monsters give players buffs when they’re killed, but I’ll get to that later.
    Lanes and structures are what stop you from immediately winning. The structures are towers, inhibitors, and the nexus. Towers are big statues that are in each lane, and there’s four per lane. While they’re not destroyed, they’ll lock onto any enemy and will shoot them with a powerful blast. This is why it’s important to push towers with minions. The minions attack the tower and enemy minions, and they take the tower’s shots for the champions. When in the enemy base, there are five more towers protecting the inhibitors and nexus. The Inhibitors are static structures that don’t attack or respawn, unlike towers. The enemies that destroy it will be granted Super Minions, which have more health, and have stronger attacks than normal minions. Destroying multiple inhibitors are crucial to winning, since Super minions deal a lot of damage to towers and the nexus.

    “Wow this game must be super complex how could I ever understand it?” Well just read and it’ll make more sense. The jungle is very dangerous, and the jungle role is usually most sought after. In this role, the player goes around defeating jungle monsters in their camps, and each camp has different monsters. While players in the lanes kill minions for gold and experience, junglers kill monsters for gold and experience. Most important to junglers are the buffs. There are two of them, and they’re granted by the Red Brambleback, and Blue Sentinel. Image result for blue sentinel lol
The Blue Sentinel grants a buff that significantly increases mana regeneration, and reduces cooldowns on champion abilities. The Brambleback gives a buff that makes the champion’s basic attack inflict a burn and slow effect (each buff lasts for 3 minutes, and if a champion kills another champion that holds the buff, the buff is transferred.). The burn does damage over time, and the slow reduces a unit’s movement speed. Besides the smaller buff monsters, there’s epic monsters that grant team buffs.

Poem: "Storms" by Harlow


Thunder crashing
Sounding like a million stampeding horses
Lightning lighting up the sky
Like the torch of a god
Rain splashing against the ground
Drops so big a mountain must’ve cried
A symphony of sounds
The sounds of destruction
These sounds strike awe and terror in the hearts of the beholders.

Ram-Napper by Kaleigh

Breaking News

Mr. Morris is indeed NOT the Ram-napper everyone says he is. Some suspects have said indeed that Mrs. Poyer framed Mr. Morris! I set up an interview for both of them and here it is.

Kaleigh : Mr. Morris did you steal Brian the ram ?
Mr. Morris : Yes.
Kaleigh : If you did steal the ram, what marker did you write the ransom note with.
Mr. Morris : Black marker.
Kaleigh : Ok, so you were framed, thank you.

Kaleigh : Who stole Brian the ram?
Person interviewed : Mr. Morris
Kaleigh : Why do you think he stole it ?
Person interviewed : (no response)
Kaleigh : Ok, thank you.

            Kaleigh : Mrs. Poyer, did you frame Mr. Morris for stealing the ram so that everyone would     yell at him?
Mrs. Poyer :  Yes , I did.
Kaleigh : How, you said it was on the top shelf, I also have witnesses. It was at only Mr. Morris’s height.
Mrs. Poyer : (No response)

Kaleigh : Well there you have it, Mr. Morris was indeed was framed. Mrs. Poyer was the one who framed him.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Spring Break! by Alex

Bring Your Child to Work Day! by Alex

Why you should get a dog! - Author: Harlow

It’s Harlow, back again with another post! This week’s post will be about (drum roll pu-leeeeeeeeeeease…) why you should get a dog! Let’s get started.

Reason Number 1: You get more exercise. You’ll have to take the dog out about three times a day (in my experience), and the walks have to be long enough so the dog won’t be jumping up, biting you, or doing something to get rid of its energy. These walks won’t only be beneficial for the dog, they’ll be good for you, too!
Reason Number 2: They’ll cheer you up and make you happy! A scientific study shows that when you are sad and down in the dumps, dogs can sense it. Even just one lick from your dog (or, if you hate dog licks, just one cuddle) will get you happy! Isn’t that awesome?
Reason Number 3: Your dog will always love you. That is, if you treat it right. As long as you give your dog the necessary amount of food, water, walks, and TLC that they need, you’ll always have a companion who thinks you are awesome and loves you to bits!
Reason Number 4: Dogs don’t judge. It’s a harsh world out there, and people are quick to judge you on everything from your face, to your clothes, to your waist width! They’ll judge you on everything from your head to your toes, your front to your back. Unlike people, dogs don’t care what you look like, if you’re smart or not, how much money you have, or anything else. They just see a friendly face and think, “Oh! There’s my owner! I love them so, so much! I don’t even care what they look like, I’ll love them forever!”
Reason Number 5: They’ll protect you fiercely. Dogs are one of the most loyal (if not the most loyal) animals on planet Earth. They’ll protect you until the end, no matter what the threat.

Image result for cute puppies

Thanks for reading my post!