Friday, October 16, 2015

Fun Fall Activities! - Author: Emily

This fall, I strive to cherish each day! These are a few of my favorite activities and and foods/drinks that I am looking forward to enjoying during this beautiful season:

1. Pumpkin picking

2. Apple picking

3. Go on a haunted hayride

4. Travel through a corn maze

5. Go on a hike

6. Go kayaking

7. Carve a pumpkin

8. Go bike riding

9. Make caramel apples

10. Have a picnic

11. Have a bonfire with family and friends

12. Hold a food drive

13. Donate to a food bank

14. Make a halloween costume

15. Decorate your house for halloween


  • Pumpkin Spice Latte - Starbucks
  • Pumpkin Coffee - Dunkin Donuts
  • Pumpkin Muffin - Dunkin Donuts

Apple Update iOS 9 - Author: Kailey

Apple has just updated their devices again with iOS 9. You now have new apps such as Find Friends and Find My Pihone. You also get a colorful news app included with the update. Although Apple has just updated their emojis are a little out of date. They haven’t updated since last year! SnapChat also partook in the fun with new face masks for Halloween.  You just hold your face and lines come out and fit you face for a mask.  

Hurricane Joaquin - Author: Emily

Recently, a category four hurricane has hit parts of the Bahamas, Southern Florida, and Bermuda. The powerful storm is called Hurricane Joaquin, Joaquin was a strong tropical storm that had the power to flood homes, cars, and stores. According to, “Hurricane Joaquin intensified to an extremely dangerous Category 4 storm Thursday afternoon, and continues to hammer the central Bahamas with hurricane-force winds, storm surge flooding and torrential rain.” Hurricane Joaquin traveled through weather channels all across America making people aware of the storm occurring. In the end, people are lending their time to help rebuild homes and their community that were destroyed by the storm.

The effects of Hurricane Joaquin in Long Island, Bahamas. (Oct. 5th, 2015) PC:

       A truck under water in Long Island, Bahamas (Oct. 1st, 2015) PC:

Volunteers packing boxes filled with food and supplies in Nassau, Bahamas. (Oct. 5th, 2015) PC:

3-D Printers - Author: Gwen

Technology has suddenly been booming throughout the 21st century, and better and better inventions have been made… one such example is the 3-D printer! For those who don’t know what a 3D printer is, it is a special kind of printer that can use molten plastic to make 3-D objects, as its “creative” name suggests.

3-D printers are such an amazing invention that almost anything can be made with them. Want a toy helicopter? Print its body and rotors then attach them and there you go! Is your dresser a bit blah? Print an epic unicorn statue! In fact, even small machines can be made with them!

How do they work? Not only do you need the printer itself, but you also need a special program. With this program, you can create a 3-D shape that is sent to the printer. Given it has enough plastic, the 3-D printer will slowly but surely make the shape.

Halloween Costumes! - Author: Brandi

As most of you know Halloween is just around the corner. This festive time calls for celebration. We have old traditions that we have always celebrated and those traditions have lived on through the years. The most festive tradition that we celebrate on Halloween is trick or treating. The only way that you can go trick or treating is if you have a costume but what are you supposed to wear? Well I'm here to tell you exactly what the new styles are so you can go and pick out a costume and be ready to earn some candy. You have to pick up your costumes before the shelves are clear and it's too late. Here are the top five styles of the season. Number 5: It is been a tradition for years for people to dress up as scary things such as goblins, gargoyles, vampires, and ghosts. So don't kill the tradition and frighten your friends! Number 4: You certainly can't have Halloween without all of what I like to call the fun costumes. These costumes has been around for a while. These could include plenty of different characters from famous movies such as Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. I could also include different types of costumes such as a movie star, a diva, a rocket, and any other traditional costumes that are not scary. Number 3: superheroes are reclaiming the shelves. This year they are very popular Supergirl, Superman, and all of the other superheroes are back in stores and ready for you to wear them. So be ready for you and your friends to go save the world! Number 2: Be a minion! It's very popular and in the Halloween stores, because of the movie that just came out. So you better be ready to turn yellow put on your goggles and your safety equipment because minions are here. Number 1: Now if any of you were wondering why I haven't mentioned this yet it is because it is number one. Anna, Elsa, and Olaf on the most popular costumes out there right now from Frozen. Frozen is a very popular movie and people have responded by buying lots of merchandise.Since they sell so many different things you would imagine that they have to sell Halloween costumes and they had a very popular effect so don't be surprised if you see lots of your friends the other kids dressed from Frozen. So those of the top five types of costumes being sold in stores today. Go and pick one out before they're all gone. Trick or treat!


The Greatest Movie Series - Author: Andrew

To me, the best movie series of all time is the Star Wars Movies. In this review I will be discussing every movie from Episodes 1 through 6. The Phantom Menace wasn't a horrible film.  It just was not the best but it wasn't bad. The worst part of this film was JarJar Binks. All I will say is good god!  The Phantom Menace gets a 7.5/10. Attack Of The Clones is my personal least favorite of all the movie.  It’s just not good at all.  The romance between Anikin and Padme makes me sick! Attack of the Clones gets a 3.5/10. Revenge Of The Sith was better than Attack Of The Clones but was not quite as good as The Phantom Menace.  The thing I don't like about this film is the extremely dark tone.  Revenge of The Sith gets a 6/10.  Well now we’re done with the prequels and we go on to the original trilogy.  First for the originals is A New Hope.  This film is very good.  My favorite part is Darth Vader in this film.  A New Hope gets an 8.5/10.  The Empire Strikes Back is such a great film that I say everything is my favorite.  Empire Strikes Back gets a 10/10 because it is a perfect movie.  Return of The Jedi is better than Empire because it's so good.  My favorite part is the final battle between Vader, Luke, and Darth Sidious. Return Of The Jedi also gets a 10/10. I suggest you check out these movies and may the force be with you!

Disney Infinity 3.0 - Author: Andrew

Disney Infinity 3.0 is the best video game of 2015 so far. It has 3 story modes so far and a huge free play mode called toy box. They have story modes for Star Wars The Clone Wars, Star Wars Original Trilogy and  Inside Out. The thing is you have to buy figures and a play set piece to get story mode but some figures don't work in a story mode such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Star Wars Rebels Characters and Avengers Age Of Ultron Figures. But still the free play mode is huge and fun. Every year they have a new line of characters. In 2013 1.0 it was just Disney characters. Then 2.0 came out with Marvel Characters. And now 3.0 comes with Star Wars Characters. This is an awesome game and I suggest you check it out!

Lokai Bracelet - Author: Kailey

Image result for different lokai colors

There are new bracelets called Lokai. They have mud from the Dead Sea and water from Mt. Everest. There is water in between the beads carrying the mud and water. The mud is black and the water is white. The water symbolizes the highest point in the word and the mud symbolizes the lowest point on earth. The clear beads represent everything in between your highs and lows.The bracelet is suppose to remind you that you are in your own life and to stay humble at rock bottom or to have fun at your highest peak. They also come in blue, clear and camouflage. They are also coming out with a pink one for breast cancer.

Tips for the New School Year - Author: Emily

Even though it’s the end of September, it’s not too late to focus on some great tips to achieve success.  While some students are eager to learn new things and see their friends, others are worried about falling behind. With these tips, you can stay on the right track all school year round!

  • Keep your locker organized! If you keep your locker organized, you don’t have to get stressed because all of your assignments will be in the proper place.

  • Hang out with a student who is new to Byram! Meeting new people is a great way to be successful this school year.

  • Study! Studying will help you do well, which is the ultimate goal.

  • Set goals for the new school year! Don’t wait for New Years, start now!

  • Purchase a planner! Keep track of your homework and tests with a planner, so that you never get backed up with homework.

  • Eat a good breakfast! Eating a good breakfast will give you energy to do well and try your best!

With these tips there is no way you won’t succeed! Have a good school year and keep trying your best!

The Amazin' Mets - Author: Kayla

The New York Mets have been on a roll lately. They started the season off with amazing pitching (Jacob deGrom, Matt Harvey, John Niese, Bartolo Colon, etc) but their offense was  struggling. Now towards the end of their season it has pretty much flipped. Though the pitching is still very good the offense has been out of control. Starting with Yoenis Cespedes getting him was one  of the best things Sandy Alderson ever did.  Some people even say he might be the next Mike Piazza. He has been hitting home run after home run. They got him mid season and he has hit seventeen home runs,54 hits, and 42 RBIs out of only 179 at bats he currently has a .302 batting average. Some other great all around players are David Wright, Lucas Duda, Curtis Granderson, Michael Cuddyer, Daniel Murphy, Wilmer Flores, Travis d'Arnaud, etc. Though the season has had many ups it has also had some downs. One of them was when David Wright was injured the first injury was when he was sliding to second base. He injured his hamstring but was later diagnosed with spinal stenosis. He was out for 131 days then made a stunning recovery with a home run at his first at bat. Another down point in the season was before it even started when Zack Wheeler had to get Tommy John surgery. He has been out all season and won’t be returning anytime soon. One moment will go down in history when  during the seventh inning stretch in a game a fan told Wilmer Flores that he had been traded in the middle of the game. The great part is that he started to cry on the field though it is nice to see this level of emotion it's definitely a bit funny. The Rumor was that him and Zack Wheeler were being traded to the Padres for Carlos Gomez. I don’t know exactly why but something with the medical records of either Carlos Gomez’s hip or Zack Wheeler's arm ended the trade. That’s as far as I can currently go but hopefully the Mets will go all the way this season.

Picture Day! - Author: Brandi

Good Morning Byram Schools! As most of you know picture day was on September 29th and 30th! I find it quite intriguing to see the different views of students on picture day. Some have completely different views. Some feel insecure and nervous, while others feel excited. I have interviewed several students and found their opinions. For example, Andrew, who is in 8th grade, expressed his opinion by stating, “Picture day is okay, as long as you have confidence,” This just goes to show you that even though some students may feel okay, others might be having a few butterflies. Some students might even go a completely different direction. They might feel like picture day is awesome. In a recent interview with a student whose name would prefer not be mentioned stated, “It was fun waiting in line and doing my hair with my friends!” Most students just feel somewhere in between. “I feel it is a fun thing to do.” stated 6th grader Sofia. As you can see, on picture day many students feel all different ways! How about you?