Friday, October 16, 2015

3-D Printers - Author: Gwen

Technology has suddenly been booming throughout the 21st century, and better and better inventions have been made… one such example is the 3-D printer! For those who don’t know what a 3D printer is, it is a special kind of printer that can use molten plastic to make 3-D objects, as its “creative” name suggests.

3-D printers are such an amazing invention that almost anything can be made with them. Want a toy helicopter? Print its body and rotors then attach them and there you go! Is your dresser a bit blah? Print an epic unicorn statue! In fact, even small machines can be made with them!

How do they work? Not only do you need the printer itself, but you also need a special program. With this program, you can create a 3-D shape that is sent to the printer. Given it has enough plastic, the 3-D printer will slowly but surely make the shape.

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