Friday, October 16, 2015

Hurricane Joaquin - Author: Emily

Recently, a category four hurricane has hit parts of the Bahamas, Southern Florida, and Bermuda. The powerful storm is called Hurricane Joaquin, Joaquin was a strong tropical storm that had the power to flood homes, cars, and stores. According to, “Hurricane Joaquin intensified to an extremely dangerous Category 4 storm Thursday afternoon, and continues to hammer the central Bahamas with hurricane-force winds, storm surge flooding and torrential rain.” Hurricane Joaquin traveled through weather channels all across America making people aware of the storm occurring. In the end, people are lending their time to help rebuild homes and their community that were destroyed by the storm.

The effects of Hurricane Joaquin in Long Island, Bahamas. (Oct. 5th, 2015) PC:

       A truck under water in Long Island, Bahamas (Oct. 1st, 2015) PC:

Volunteers packing boxes filled with food and supplies in Nassau, Bahamas. (Oct. 5th, 2015) PC:

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