Friday, October 16, 2015

Picture Day! - Author: Brandi

Good Morning Byram Schools! As most of you know picture day was on September 29th and 30th! I find it quite intriguing to see the different views of students on picture day. Some have completely different views. Some feel insecure and nervous, while others feel excited. I have interviewed several students and found their opinions. For example, Andrew, who is in 8th grade, expressed his opinion by stating, “Picture day is okay, as long as you have confidence,” This just goes to show you that even though some students may feel okay, others might be having a few butterflies. Some students might even go a completely different direction. They might feel like picture day is awesome. In a recent interview with a student whose name would prefer not be mentioned stated, “It was fun waiting in line and doing my hair with my friends!” Most students just feel somewhere in between. “I feel it is a fun thing to do.” stated 6th grader Sofia. As you can see, on picture day many students feel all different ways! How about you?

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