Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Craft Ideas for the Fall - Author: Brandi

Craft Ideas For The Fall

The leaves are many colors, the air is crisp, and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Spice up your home with many decorative creative crafts that you can do with your family! I am here to share with you three crafts to do in the fall time:

  1. Painting Acorns: First, you simply collect acorns. Next, you go and collect some paint colors you would like to paint acorns with. Then, you need to lay down some newspaper and paint the acorns. The best way to do this is to paint the tops different colors, then the bottoms. Finally, allow them to dry before placing them in a mason jar and displaying them decoratively.
  2. Mason Jar with leaves:  First, collect leaves and purchase a mason jar. Then, put down some newspaper. Next, glue the leaves to the outside of the mason jar. Finally, allow to dry and display decoratively.
  3. Painting Pine-Cones: First, all you have to do is collect pinecones. Then, pick out paint that you think you would like to use (red, yellow, blue, gold, and silver work great). Next, paint your pine cones. The most important thing is that you get inside all of the crevices of the pinecones. I would suggest only using one color unless you're really artistic. Finally, allow them to dry and make sure they don’t smudge. Display them decoratively.

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