Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Pirate101 v. Wizard101 - Author: Gwen

I’m sure that many of you know about Kingsisle and their games, Wizard101 and Pirate101. But compared to each other, how are they alike and different? Let’s find out!

Let’s start with the classic, Wizard101. In this fantasy MMO-RPG, players assume the role of powerful mages, sorcerers, sorceresses, wizards, warlocks, witches, and so on. They have a goal, and the ultimate goal is to defeat the evil warlock Malistaire before he destroys Wizard City! The players aren’t alone, however. They have fellow wizards (other players from around the world) and Ambrose to help them along the way! Features include:
  1. Practice a specific school of combat magic based on a personality test.
  2. Collect cards to build a spell deck.
  3. Defeat monsters to level up.
  4. Buy pets and grow them to aid your wizard in battle.
  5. Spend crowns on awesome items.
  6. Buy a PERMANENT house and decorate it with furniture.

Now we go on to my favorite, Pirate101. In Pirate101 you are rescued by Boochbeard from the Armada in the Spiral. After you help the pirate captain in Skull Island retrieve his amulet, he provides you with a rickety-ship. Although you will get a decent ship in the future, for now this is what you have.
Features include:
  1. Choose a class and work your way to be a legendary Swashbuckler, Buccaneer, Privateer, Musketeer, or Witchdoctor.
  2. Buy a ship and blast frigates out of the sky, or board and plunder them for items and gold.
  3. Have a legendary weapon your foes will know you by.
  4. Adventure on uncharted islands.
  5. Have the ultimate pet that aids you in combat (i.e my Black Tiger, Shadow).

The combat systems in each game are totally unique, although I prefer P101, with which you move around and not stand there and get hit 24/7.  Which world to play in: wizards or pirates?  You decide!

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