Monday, February 29, 2016

Top 10 Superheroes and Villains - Author: Andrew

#10-Superman...Wait, what?! I am serious-Superman is #10. Big shock, isn’t it? Well even if he is basically invincible most of the time, he can not struggle with a fight.

#9-Venom. Venom is basically an extremely dark version of Spiderman. However, he's an awesome-looking villain!

#8-Groot. Groot is a giant tree with a mostly innocent personality, unless you get him mad. For a character who can only say “I Am Groot,” he is truly amazing.

#7-The Punisher. This guy is epic. All I’ll say.

#6-Star Lord. He is an amazing Guardian. He listens to a lot of old music.

#5-The Joker. Legendary villain. I like the version from The Dark Knight; it is more epic than the original.

#4-Batman.The Dark knight is nobody to mess with. He's called The Dark Knight for a reason.

#3-Spiderman. Spidey is legendary. He does everything a spider can. He spins a web any size. He catches thieves just like flies. Look out-here comes the Spiderman!

#2-Rocket Raccoon. Oh Rocket. The best Raccoon I know. He is the best member of the Guardians Of The Galaxy!

#1-Deadpool! I adore Deadpool. He is the best superhero ever for his humor and invincibility. Awesome!

SOA Game - Author: Chris

Anime nerds: rejoice! As long as you like Sword Art Online, that is, because there is a new virtual reality game. Don’t worry: you won’t get trapped like the characters in the anime. Instead, you can explore the world and have fun. There is no release date for for the game, but it should be awesome nevertheless if you have a VR headset and you like. Let's just hope the anime does not come true!swo_vr

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Samsung Galaxy S6 - Author: Chris

A phone that's better than the new iPhone? No way! In fact, the Samsung Galaxy S6, one of the newest phones in Samsung's arsenal, outperforms it by a milestone. With a 1440 by 2560 pixel display, this is one of the first phones to get close to 4k quality. However, the title of the first 4k phone goes to the Sony Xperia 5z premium. The Samsung, along with the iPhone, has multiple variants like the Galaxy S6 Edge+, the Edge, and the Active, which gives it different stats across both models.

I have had hands on time with the base model. The base model has a 5.10-inch screen and weighs in at 140 grams, with a crisp and clear speaker for music. It also has 8 cores for all of your needs of playing games and recording if you do that. This phone also has a camera that can take a picture in 5312 by 2988 resolution and can record in 3840 by 2160. For the front facing camera (for all of your selfies), the front cam can take pictures in up to 2592 by 1944 quality and can record in 2560 by 1440. This phone performs amazingly well on all graphic and cpu scores and it is a phone worth getting. I have had experience with the iPhone 6S and the Samsung Galaxy S6, and, in my opinion, the Samsung is better and has better features. For example, the Samsung Galaxy can have two apps running on screen at the same time. This phone is the better buy and if you can get the S6 Active, i have heard that it is even better.

Pokken Tournament - Author: Brad

Fight! It is finally here! The Pokemon fighting game that we have all been waiting for. It comes out in less than one month. This game is not like any other Pokemon game you have ever seen before. In this game you are a Pokemon fighting other Pokemon; you're not a trainer! One thing that is the coolest feature is that you can use Amiibos in the game which could be a really fun touch. I can't wait to be a real Pokemon.

FactSlides - Author: Kailey is a website full of random facts. They have authenticated facts that are 100% true. For example, did you know that the #1 most disliked video on YouTube is "Baby" by Justin Bieber.   They have multiple categories ranging from YouTube to animals. They have over 1 million facts! You can even submit facts and they may even post them! Did you know that Twitter was suppose to be called Friend Stalker? Or that you can search for Google in Klingon? Check out this website right now!

Harry Potter Movies Review - Author: Andrew

I love Star Wars as you know, but I also love the Harry Potter Movies.  They are both equal quality in my opinion.  Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone is pretty mediocre compared to other movies, but I can't blame it because it was the first film.  If I was to rank it, I would put it as the 5th best.  This film gets a 8/10.  Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets is fine.  It’ not great, but not horrible.The best part of this film is the fight with the giant snake at the end of the movie.  Chamber Of Secrets gets a 7/10.

Now Harry Potter And The Prisoner of Azkaban is amazing!  This is tied as the best film of the series.This film is the film that feels the most magical, I would say.  Everything is great, from the knight bus to BuckBeak; this film is spectacular.  I would give it a 10/10 without a doubt.  Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire is very good.The film’s biggest weakness is the Quidditch World Cup.  The film gets an 8.5/10.  Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix is God awful, however!  The movie is filled with so many problems.  Harry’s a sissy in this film.  I think the final fight is very bad and everything else is extremely bad.  Order Of The Pheionix  gets a 1/10.

Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince is overall not horrible, but pretty bad. Stupid magic and more.  5.6/10.  Now Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1 is one of the worst films I have ever seen.  This film is so bad all I am going to say is -10/10 GARBAGE!  Now Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 is so much better than Part 1.  In fact it is my second favorite Harry Potter film.  In my opinion, this has one of the best fantasy fights of all time.9.7/10!

Quotev - Author: Gwen


Quotev is a social media site that isn’t only social media. Sure, you can pm, chat, comment on activity and the like, but there’s more! You can also create your own surveys, quizzes, tests, polls, and stories! Try taking others’ work too! Quotev may not be the next Facebook, but it’s fun all the same!

The History of Spyro - Author: Gwen

Remember Spyro from Skylanders? Did you know that he didn't always look that way? In his first few games from the 1990s, he was quite the cartoonish character! Then The Legend of Spyro series came out, where Spyro and Cynder (Yes, Cynder!) were raised by four guardians: Ignitus the fire dragon, Terrador the earth dragon, Cyril the ice dragon, and Volteer, the electricity dragon. Then Cynder was kidnapped and raised by Spyro's purple counterpart Malefor (purple like him but 100 times more evil) and trained to kill. Eventually at the end of the series, Malefor was stopped and Cynder found where she truly belonged (at Spyro's side). This was found out at a great cost, however. The world was shattered into floating islands. The moles, who worshipped the dragons, were separated by the sky (hence Skylands). The moles became the natives of this world and the Skylanders saga begins.

The original Cynder (left) and original Spyro (right)

Sparx was also a character, as he was Spyro's (though silly) best friend.

LVRHS Orientation - Author: Gwen

Recently the 8th grade visited the Lenape Valley Regional High School for orientation. First, they went to a small auditorium to be introduced to the courses, clubs, and sports. The high school students who presented were mainly juniors and seniors and they were very friendly. After being introduced to exciting activities such as robot programming, lacrosse, and tennis, the 8th grade was led into the stage room. There the chorus sang a few songs and the marching band played a few motivational tunes. Then orientation was over, but boy, was it exciting!

The 5th Wave - Author: Kailey

The 5th Wave is a book by Rick Yancey. It is told from a the perspectives of Cassie Sullivan, Ben Parish, and Sammy Sullivan. The aliens have come from space and are destroying the human race. The first wave was a massive power outage. The second wave was multiple tsunamis. The third wave was spread of disease. The fourth wave was a silent invasion. Nobody knows what the fifth wave will be. Cassie has a brother Samuel (Sammy).  They stay together during the first four waves. They make it to a refugee camp where only uninfected people are allowed. They stay together until a group of soldiers come to collect all of the kids. Then Cassie gets separated by the soldiers who do not let her onto the bus. She makes a promise to Sammy that she will find him. This is what Cassie keeps saying to herself as she trudges and tries to make it to Sammy. Will she make it? Read the book and find out!

Skywalkers - Author: Kailey

Many people have gotten ideas from what they heard on television that skywalkers are not good products to have. But unless you have one or you have been on one, you don’t know what you are missing! Many skywalkers have been catching on fire due to overcharging. If you don’t overcharge them, then you are fine. They are really good for your balance. They help strengthen your core muscles. Those core muscles are what you call abs. Many states are starting to ban skywalkers for kids under the age of 18. Some states are trying to push that children need to wear helmets. If you decide to go to New York and glide on them around the city, you can get fined. If you have the chance to get to try one, take it before New Jersey bans kids from riding them! The skywalkers are a new wave of technology that can change the way we live, or more specifically walk.