Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Eos Lip Scrub Recipe - Author: Kailey

Eos Lip Scrub Recipe
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By: Kailey Slahor
  • Eos container
  • Eos lip balm
  • Chocolate melter
  • Sugar
  • Vaseline or beeswax
  • Optional- essential oil

* Have parental permission if you use this recipe you will be using hot objects and a knife*

  1. Gather your ingredients
  2. Cut out the lip balm and put it in the chocolate melt
  3. Pop out the grate in between the lip balm and container
  4. Screw the grate into the top of the Eos  
  5. Put in two tablespoons of the Vaseline or beeswax into the chocolate melt
  6. Once the lip balm and Vaseline/beeswax have melted mix with a fork ( if you are putting in the essential oil in put it in now)  
  7. As soon as this happens pour however much sugar you want into the mixture - the more sugar the better the exfoliate
  8. Once after somewhat mixed immediately put the mixture inside the container
  9. Put into the freezer over night
  10. Snap on the bottom of the container and enjoy

The HTC Vive - Author:Brad

The H.T.C Vive is the new virtual reality system that the company Valve just came out with.  This product is one of the most high-tech “toys” that has ever come out. When you purchase the product, you get the headset that you put over your eyes and it makes you feel like you are really experiencing the game you are playing. You will also receive two weird-looking controllers that you can use as your virtual hands in the game. The great thing is there is no input lag between your movements in real life and the game. The final thing you get is two different cameras that scan the room, so that you can walk in your room and in the game.  Virtual reality is getting more and more advanced every day, so maybe in the next couple of years we will be able to be transported into a virtual world where we can run, feel the breeze, and fly! Yes i said fly! (I want to fly so badly).

Spiderman Films - Author: Andrew

Now this film series is pretty great, just like Star Wars and Harry Potter. Let's just review! Spiderman from 2002 is most likely my favorite. This film was the first PG-13 movie I ever saw back in 2004. Spiderman is just perfect  The villain, Green Goblin, is awesome. In addition, the soundtrack is great, and the character of Spiderman is very memorable. This movie without a doubt gets a 10/10. Now, Spiderman 2 was almost as good as Spiderman 2002 but not quite. This film is just so good. Spiderman,the plot,the music,the villain-wow!. Spiderman 2 gets a 9/10. Spiderman 3 may be the most underrated film I have ever seen. It may be the worst of the Sam Rami trilogy, but it is still very good.I love Venom, Sandman, and Harry as the villains. Spiderman is emo in the film, yes, but when he's not black-suit Spiderman, he may be the best he is in the series. Spiderman 3 gets an 8.5/10. The Amazing Spiderman is the reason why I said maybe for the 2002 Spiderman film. The Amazing Spiderman lives up to its name. I love Andrew Garfield equally as much as Tobey Maguire. Amazing Spiderman gets a 10/10. And lastly, The Amazing Spiderman 2, which is the worst Spiderman film made. It's not horrible, but it's not very good. I think the worst thing is Electro. I don't like him at all and I love Electro in the comics. Amazing Spiderman 2 gets a 7/10, and I can't wait for his apperence in Civil War.

Cross-Platform Play - Author: Chris

If you have been following gaming news, you might have heard that Microsoft wants to bridge the gap between PC and XBOX gaming. They also stated that they would be willing to include cross-platform play between any system with wifi. Does this mean that you could play with people on the ps4 ? Well, the people at the Playstation division of Sony said it will boil down to business decisions. Now we are left with a few questions, like are we going to see them band together to make a super console, or can we play games that the Wii U has, like older Calls Of Duty? One thing we know is that it may take a while to play on your PS4 with your friends that have the XBOX One.

Xbox One - Author: Chris

Are you upset that the XBOX One is not as powerful as the Playstation 4? Well stop because Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft's XBOX division, announced that the XBOX may be getting hardware upgrades. If you have no idea what this means, I am going to tell you. The XBOX One can play games at better quality and could quite possibly pass the PS4. The XBOX is never going to pass the PC, but man it could get a whole lot better for all the XBOX fans!