Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween Costume Ideas - Author: CJ

What do you plan on being for Halloween? A ghost, a vampire, or maybe you want to be sully from Monsters inc. Maybe you don’t know yet. Well if you don't know what you want to be yet, then here are some of the most popular costumes this year so far.

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One of the most popular costumes this year is Donald trump. This costume has been one of the most liked costumes at the stores this year. If you are or are not a Trump fan this is perfect for you. This is because you can wear it and support your favorite runner up for president, or you can just wear it and do the complete opposite of supporting him. One of the other most liked costumes this year, is Hillary Clinton. The Hillary Clinton costume is also quite popular too. This costume  can also be used to support her, or just to wear it, for the complete opposite reason. These costumes have been bought, and favored by people and stores this year because of the debate.
Another good costume idea for this year is Harley Quinn. Ever since her movie debut, this costume has been selling very well in stores so far. There are several different types of Harley Quinn costumes you can buy. There is the one from the comics. The one from the movie. And there are a few other spin offs to this costume that you can choose from too. Another costume that is selling quite well is the Joker costume. Just like the Harley Quinn costume, this one has been selling well, ever since the recent movie has come out. For this costume you can either dress up as the original one or you can dress up as the one from the 2016 movie. Also, you can either be by itself or you can partner up with a friend and be the Joker and Harley Quinn. But that part is completely up to you.

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The last costume ideas is Pikachu. So far this year the Pikachu costume is one of the most popular ideas. This costume has many ways for you to wear it. Some of the ways is, by you wearing it as a onsie. Another way is by wearing one of those life sized stuffed animal costumes too. This costume can also be made home aid and is quite easy to do, too. Stores this year, have sold quite a few of Pikachu costumes. If you are a Pokemon fan, or just really like Pikachu, then I recommend you getting this costume for this years trick or treating (or trunk or treating).
These are some ideas for this years Halloween. If you like any of these then you should go to your local Halloween store and buy them. But if you don't really like these ideas then, you can be something else. And you if you already have a costume, then wear that, and have a great but safe Halloween.

Dog Clothes - Author: Delaney

Do you have dogs? Do you have clothes to keep them warm in the winter? I know I do. I even have Halloween costumes for them. Some people would say I’m dog obsessed. Others say I’m crazy. Some say it’s cute. My dogs say they hate it. My dogs Halloween costumes are for the one, a cop. The other is a fairy. There's a tutu and wings. They also have many clothes options. I also made them a dresser. It’s a box. They have many clothes like, a skull and crossbone sweater, a gray sweat shirt, a pink, purple, green and yellow sweater, and many more. Some places you can purchase these are, Petsmart, Petco, and Amazon has EVERYTHING. I even have a dog stroller meant for dogs. I’m obsessed. If you enjoy football, some stores carry jerseys. You can also buy hats for them. Mine has a Yankee hat. He does not wear it. If you want something spooky for you dog to wear on Halloween, you should check out all these stores. Some Halloween options are, football player, cheerleader, spider, cop, fairy, prisoner, dog, devil and many more. Next time you're near Petsmart or a store that may have dog clothes, you should go in.

Pillow Polo - Author: Sara

Pillow Polo

Do you know what pillow polo is?  Pillow polo is a fun after school activity for grades 5-8.  It's run by Mr.Kulesa in the gym after school from 3:30-4:30.  Pillow polo starts in September and ends at the end of October.  I played pillow polo in 5th grade and I play it this year in 7th.  It’s a very fun sport that everyone enjoys.  Even the teachers we have a TNT October 27th and on normal practices sometimes Mr.Kulesa even plays.  You may get tired while playing; it’s lots of fun and I do recommend you playing next year!

The Rules

Just like any other sport pillow polo has rules.  First, what is pillow polo?  Well clearly from my first paragraph it’s a sport.  You play with a stick that looks like a hockey stick but it has a cushion at the end.  It’s a metal stick attached at the end is a cushion.  There is usually 5-6 people on a team and we rotate.  The ball you play with is foam and there are two teams and two nets.  You are trying to score in your opponent's goal.  We played the TNT game this year and sadly we lost, but we will get them next year!!

No More Soda! - Author: Natalie

Do you know how much sugar is in soda? People drink with no care that it’s not good for them. A health professor Michael Siegel says, that big soda companies are sponsoring health organizations so more people drink soda. Coca Cola and Pepsi have a long tradition going across country too. Coca Cola and Pepsi are the top two soda companies in United States.
Due to the amount of sugar soda contains studies show it could lead to obesity, two types of diabetes, and heart disease. In 2011 through 2014 Coca Cola spent an average of six million dollars.  Pepsi spend an average of three million dollars. These are so reasons why people should not drink soda.

Student Election - Author: Delaney

Do you know who you are voting for? The elections are on wednesday October, 19.  Running for treasure is Chloe. For secretary is Melvina. For vice president is Megan and Brandi. Finally for president is, Kayla C. Even if many of the competitions aren't very tight it will still be fun for everyone involved. Kids voted today at last period. People running put posters up that were very well colored and they caught your eye as you walked by. People that were running went on the news and spoke about why you should vote for them. They all stated very good points. If you want to here there stories you can watch on Mr. Claytons youtube channel.

Who do you want to win? Even if the only competition (for the most part) is for vice president with, Brandi and Megan. Even if there's only one to vote for it will still be very fun for the people in it. Next year we should get more people in it. By making posters or talking about it on the news or something like that. Good luck to everyone running.

iOS 10 - Author: Nick

iOS 10 is the newest IOS update, and there are many mixed feelings about iOS 10. SO the question is… How do you feel about it?? iOS 10 added in a Lot of new things, like the ability to send a drawn picture. Also all of the phone that can also use a thumb print you have to press twice, once to unlock the phone the next too open it. There were also some small things, the first thing I did after getting iOS 10 was too open my folder with youtube and the opening was a lot faster, to be honest it jumpscared me. iOS 10 Changed a lot of things related to texting like the whole bar on the bottom was remodeled and when opening up more information it is kind of harder to navigate around. iOS 10 also gave Siri it's own tab in settings, before you had to open up general to change siri. There is also some new apps too put in your useless folder like wallet, if you aren't going to use it of course. There is also home, which I don't know what it does. On the bus the day I got iOS 10 I was told not to get it, but I did anyway, and I Personally like it. So what do you think about iOS 10? Good or bad? Amazing or trash?

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - Author: Sara

Warning these paragraphs do contain spoilers

Mrs. Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children is a movie you do not want to miss!  Mrs. Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children is about an ordinary teen named Jake Portman. Well he was ordinary, but not anymore.  As a child, Jake looked up to his grandpa, Abe so much.  Abe use to babysit Jake all the time and tell him stories, not bed time stories, but stories about monsters.  Also these stories were about children that could do extraordinary things.  Abe claimed these all to be true, but Jake’s dad told him no they are are made up.  As Jake grew older he began to not believe in these stories anymore.  Until his grandpa was killed.  By something strange.  His grandpa's last words were telling Jake to find the loop and go to the island.  All the children that Abe mentioned in the story lived on a island to keep them safe.  You will have to watch the movie to know the rest.


This is one of the best movies I have ever seen!  I went straight out to buy the book the day after I saw the movie.  The movie kept you on the edge of your seat the whole time.  I get distracted very easily, when I was watching the movie my eyes were glued to the screen.  It was so unpredictable.  My favorite character was Emma.  Emma was one of the peculiar children, she could float.  Also she could control air.  She had to wear led shoes to keep her from floating away.  In the movie the main character Jake and Emma are great partners with chores, and fighting monsters.  My favorite part of the movie was when Emma and Jake went down in the ocean in Emma’s secret hide out, in abandon ship.  I highly recommend you read the book or see the movie, you won’t regret it.

Spooky Overwatch - Author: Michael and Garrison

A Spooky update has come to a well known game-Overwatch. For those of you that don’t know, Overwatch is a game where there are 22 (soon to be 23) characters with different abilities to play as. There are 3 game modes, and it is a solely multiplayer game. Recently, people have been speculating about a new character to come to the game through an ARG (alternate reality game), however that isn’t what this is all about.

As most of you know, it’s Halloween! Since it’s the spooky season, Blizzard released a major update for Overwatch. This was another seasonal update, like the previous Summer Games for the Olympics. This time, there were four legendary skins, 5 epic skins, and a new game mode! There were also new achievements for the game mode, and lots of sprays. The four legendary skins our amazing in my opinion. They are for Roadhog, Junkrat, Mercy, and Reaper. Mercy’s depicts her as a witch. Junkrat and Roadhog are Frankenstein and his monster. Reaper is, reaper… with a pumpkin on his head.

Ah now we get into the good part! The new game mode is...::drumroll please::...Junkenstein’s revenge! This is a four player co-op mode against AI. This is the horde mode everyone’s been waiting for! If you haven’t played it yet, go play it right now and come back here later! Okay so I’ll walk you through the game. There are three modes to start: easy, medium, and hard. You can only choose between Mcree, Soldier: 76, Ana, or Hanzo. Your goal is to protect the castle (Eichenwalde) from Dr. Junkenstein’s Zomnics. The Zomnics are the AI and swarm the gate to the castle; when they get close enough, they explode on the door. The door has a set amount of health and when it goes down, you lose. Throughout the game though, the four legendary heroes fight against you. First comes Reaper, then Roadhog, and then Junkenstein himself. Reaper also pops up at random times. If you defeat all these heroes, Mercy the witch comes and resurrects them all at once! You have to defeat all the heroes as they use their ultimate, get healed by Mercy, and all try to get you! All while this is happening there are Zomnics trying to distract you and get to the door! After all that, you win!

So after all that explaining you still don’t know how fun it is. If you are as lucky as me and you have four friends that you can play Junkenstein’s revenge with you, you’ll have an absolute blast playing with friends! But if you are not as fortunate as me it’s still okay, because there are people out there just like you, playing the game so you can play with them. You will only lose one feature, that is being talking to the other players. Also you feel like a pro if you are lucky and win one of the new skins. For me(Michael)the experience was amazing. When you realize that you only have one healer it puts the stakes pretty high up. The feeling when you get an amazing multi kill with Mcree, or snipe a boss with Hanzo, is just awesome! It definitely is better with friends, but you can just go into matchmaking with other people!

Some tips that can make the game a lot easier is where you have everyone go. The way I(Garrison)found works best is if, Mcree goes on the bridge on the left side of the map and keeps the Zomnics from getting to the door. Hanzo goes on the wooden ledge on the drum tower (It’s the cylinder on the corner of the tower) there should be a crow up there to be your friend and to keep you company. Solder:76 should stay in the middle of the map and take the bulk of the Zomnics because of his healing ability. Ana she should stay on a raised platform on the back left of the map there she will take out the Zomnics to the best of her ability while healing whoever needs it. That covers the last part of the new spooky Overwatch update I hope this information will help you in-game or if you're a gamer who was thinking about getting Overwatch I hope this sealed the deal on getting Overwatch. Or on a totally different topic if you're not a gamer at all you should become one it’s not a bad idea.

KATastrophe Episode 1 - Author: Kat

Hi! Welcome to the first ever edition of KATastrophe! My name is Kat, and I’m here to provide you with the craziest news i’ve found. Many people find a catastrophe to be an issue, but here it means that something crazy has happened, and what’s so bad about being crazy? If you like technology, DIYs, makeup, or fashion keep reading.So, sit back and relax while I inform you of what’s going on in the world!

Today I cover the topic of Halloween! Halloween is creeping around the corner, what will you be? And to close out this edition, my Favorite DIY costume: is  Grapes! Here’s how you can make this Halloween look:
First, you must have either purple or green:
Safety pins

Step 1: blow up all of the balloons to your desired size and tie them shut
Step2: safety pin the balloons to your shirt and pants( make sure you safety pin the tied part so that the balloons don’t pop
Step 3: Rock your costume!

Happy Halloween!