Wednesday, November 2, 2016

KATastrophe Episode 1 - Author: Kat

Hi! Welcome to the first ever edition of KATastrophe! My name is Kat, and I’m here to provide you with the craziest news i’ve found. Many people find a catastrophe to be an issue, but here it means that something crazy has happened, and what’s so bad about being crazy? If you like technology, DIYs, makeup, or fashion keep reading.So, sit back and relax while I inform you of what’s going on in the world!

Today I cover the topic of Halloween! Halloween is creeping around the corner, what will you be? And to close out this edition, my Favorite DIY costume: is  Grapes! Here’s how you can make this Halloween look:
First, you must have either purple or green:
Safety pins

Step 1: blow up all of the balloons to your desired size and tie them shut
Step2: safety pin the balloons to your shirt and pants( make sure you safety pin the tied part so that the balloons don’t pop
Step 3: Rock your costume!

Happy Halloween!

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