Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Pillow Polo - Author: Sara

Pillow Polo

Do you know what pillow polo is?  Pillow polo is a fun after school activity for grades 5-8.  It's run by Mr.Kulesa in the gym after school from 3:30-4:30.  Pillow polo starts in September and ends at the end of October.  I played pillow polo in 5th grade and I play it this year in 7th.  It’s a very fun sport that everyone enjoys.  Even the teachers we have a TNT October 27th and on normal practices sometimes Mr.Kulesa even plays.  You may get tired while playing; it’s lots of fun and I do recommend you playing next year!

The Rules

Just like any other sport pillow polo has rules.  First, what is pillow polo?  Well clearly from my first paragraph it’s a sport.  You play with a stick that looks like a hockey stick but it has a cushion at the end.  It’s a metal stick attached at the end is a cushion.  There is usually 5-6 people on a team and we rotate.  The ball you play with is foam and there are two teams and two nets.  You are trying to score in your opponent's goal.  We played the TNT game this year and sadly we lost, but we will get them next year!!

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