Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Student Election - Author: Delaney

Do you know who you are voting for? The elections are on wednesday October, 19.  Running for treasure is Chloe. For secretary is Melvina. For vice president is Megan and Brandi. Finally for president is, Kayla C. Even if many of the competitions aren't very tight it will still be fun for everyone involved. Kids voted today at last period. People running put posters up that were very well colored and they caught your eye as you walked by. People that were running went on the news and spoke about why you should vote for them. They all stated very good points. If you want to here there stories you can watch on Mr. Claytons youtube channel.

Who do you want to win? Even if the only competition (for the most part) is for vice president with, Brandi and Megan. Even if there's only one to vote for it will still be very fun for the people in it. Next year we should get more people in it. By making posters or talking about it on the news or something like that. Good luck to everyone running.

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