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Why you should get a dog! - Author: Harlow

It’s Harlow, back again with another post! This week’s post will be about (drum roll pu-leeeeeeeeeeease…) why you should get a dog! Let’s get started.

Reason Number 1: You get more exercise. You’ll have to take the dog out about three times a day (in my experience), and the walks have to be long enough so the dog won’t be jumping up, biting you, or doing something to get rid of its energy. These walks won’t only be beneficial for the dog, they’ll be good for you, too!
Reason Number 2: They’ll cheer you up and make you happy! A scientific study shows that when you are sad and down in the dumps, dogs can sense it. Even just one lick from your dog (or, if you hate dog licks, just one cuddle) will get you happy! Isn’t that awesome?
Reason Number 3: Your dog will always love you. That is, if you treat it right. As long as you give your dog the necessary amount of food, water, walks, and TLC that they need, you’ll always have a companion who thinks you are awesome and loves you to bits!
Reason Number 4: Dogs don’t judge. It’s a harsh world out there, and people are quick to judge you on everything from your face, to your clothes, to your waist width! They’ll judge you on everything from your head to your toes, your front to your back. Unlike people, dogs don’t care what you look like, if you’re smart or not, how much money you have, or anything else. They just see a friendly face and think, “Oh! There’s my owner! I love them so, so much! I don’t even care what they look like, I’ll love them forever!”
Reason Number 5: They’ll protect you fiercely. Dogs are one of the most loyal (if not the most loyal) animals on planet Earth. They’ll protect you until the end, no matter what the threat.

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