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Socratic Seminar by Brandi

Spotlight On Socratic Seminar

Recently in Mrs.Loredo’s 8th grade period 8/9 English Language Arts class I, along with my fellow peers, have been working on our first Socratic Seminar. Socratic Seminars are discussions where students do research based on certain questions and then conduct discussions about it. There are two parts to a Socratic: preparation and discussion. We first prepared by reading articles, about twenty, but depending on the question students could conduct internet research or read literature to become educated on the topic to properly answer the question. After researching and taking a stance, we conduct discussion. The seating for discussion during socratic helps to provide a discussion that runs smoothly. We have a center table called the inner circle which is surrounded by an outer circle of desks. Everyone has a seat at the outer circle where they listen to discussions happening in the inner circle and remain silent. When you randomly get called into the inner circle to discuss what side you agree with, you present your point of view, evidence, and analysis for your evidence. The discussion is debate like, but things need to be logical and not become heated. After the discussion dies out in the inner circle, the outer circle can make comments regarding things said when the inner circle was discussing. After all the students have been called into the inner circle the entire class discusses. This is where things can easily become heated, and it is important for students to be respectful and not talk over one another. The socratic provides a very mature atmosphere like no other, where students can engage in a very educated discussion that is thought provoking and insightful.

The discussion question of the Socratic I just recently participated in featured the question: Based on current world conditions, should refugees be allowed into the US? We read twenty articles, ten for the allow side and ten for the not allow side. After reading the articles, I had a hard time deciding which side to pick. I consulted with Mrs.Loredo and she suggested I choose not allow, because not as many kids had picked that side. When I went back into the articles to find evidence for my thesis, I realized I was definitely on the losing side of the argument, since there was much more evidence for the contrary viewpoint. What I soon realized was that I could not use the argument of the actual national security threat that refugees posed to the US, because really, contrary to popular belief, they don't pose much of a national security threat. This is caused, by the fact that terrorists have no need to infiltrate the complex and timely refugee program, when it is much easier to obtain a 90 day visa and come here to commit terrorist attacks instead. Even though I realized I could not use this argument, I would not change my side. I had no intention of not taking this challenge and successfully making a valid point to counter the surplus of evidence the other side had for why refugees aren't dangerous and why they are not terrorists. Eventually, through critical thinking I found my angle. I figured that even though refugees don't pose an actual national security risk, they pose a theoretical one. I argued in my discussion that refugees cause people fear, and why are we taking people out of fear to put our own citizens in fear. I argued that our current world conditions (remember that was the first part of the discussion question) since 9/11 and how Europe is being infiltrated by terrorists disguised as refugees, which causes people to be fearful of refugees. If people don't want refugees coming into our country because they are afraid of them, shouldn't democracy reign on and the elected officials of the US honor the wishes of the people to feel safe in their home?

In conclusion, when reflecting upon the experience of my first Socratic Seminar, I felt I did well and I learned a lot. I can say the Socratic was insightful and honestly, in hindsight, (since I am no longer defending the point any longer), I picked the wrong side and my opinion has changed greatly, thanks to the insight the Socratic provided for me. I am definitely looking forward to the end of the second marking period, where we will take part in the next Socratic Seminar using the Shakespearean play we are reading. I will most definitely engage in writing another article about my second Socratic Seminar and my new viewpoints and opinion of Socratic in general, along with my opinions about the literature we will be using and my opinions about the discussion topics that are utilized in the second marking period´s Socratic Seminar. If you are a 5th, 6th, or 7th grader, I hope you take this article and really absorb the exposure and explanation of Socratic I have given to you to utilize some of it´s very mature concepts in your own discussions about controversial subjects, and to defend your viewpoint in a logical, intelligent manner in order to best provide insight to people who have contrary views to you.

Thanksgiving! by Kaleigh

Hi readers, Happy Thanksgiving!  Welcome to my Blog/vlogs with Kay. I’m Kay and today’s topic is Thanksgiving! I love this holiday because :

  1. Delicious Food
  2. Family fun
  3. The Parade

Oh, the parade is absolutely my favorite  part of Thanksgiving. The floats, the music, just sitting with my family and watching it on TV is magical. Some of my family's traditions are:

  1. Watch the parade
  2. Getting a small gift leading up to Chistmas
  3. Making the ham and mashed potatos for our family feast

Hope you enjoyed my first post readers. What are some of your Thanksgiving traditions?

Don’t forget to look for my upcoming video:

Who stole the ram?

Premier League Football by Ryan

What is it?- Premier League Football Is a Soccer League In The UK. There are 20 competing in the league, Some of them you may heard of are Manchester City, Chelsea, and Manchester United.

History- The Competition Started on August 15, 1992. The League has had over 49 different teams in the UK.

Interesting/Important Facts- In the 2015/16 Season, Records have been broken. Leicester City had won the Premier League. It was a 5000 in 1 chance that they would win. Another Thing is that One player has only assisted once, and it won them the title. Former Man City player Mario Balotelli passed to Sergio Aguero who scored winning them the 2011-2012 Premier League season. Also, The Premier League Used To Be Called Football League First Division. Some People That You Might Have Heard Of Are, Cristiano Ronaldo who was a former Manchester United Player Has become one of the most famous soccer players. One really important event in the premier league was when Leicester City made the “Great Escape.” What happened was the team were having a really bad season, they were at the bottom of the premier league table! But they won some matches and were now on the top of relegation!

This was the topic that you probably went into blindly, but now you came out with some interesting facts!

Time Paradoxes by Jacen

Time Paradoxes

“I never worry about the future. It comes soon enough.” - Albert Einstein. Some people thought that was such a beautiful thing. To wait for time and let it work out the way it always does. But others didn’t want to waste their time sitting around waiting for time. That’s how a lot of time travel stories start which in many cases, is completely, and quite frankly, unoriginal. However, the stories get exponentially more interesting when the big problem occurs because problems always occur with time travel. No matter what you do they happen because there’s nothing you can do when continuity and simple yet sophisticated logic comes into play.

These problems are called Time Paradoxes. Now the word paradox means, “a statement or proposition that, despite sound (or apparently sound) reasoning from acceptable premises, leads to a conclusion that seems senseless, logically unacceptable, or self-contradictory.” Thanks, Google. Now some examples of these paradoxes are things like the Grandfather Paradox or the Predestination Paradox. These paradoxes, however, are a lot more complicated than they sound. They could take hours to discuss. Sometimes even entire college courses to debate their possible solutions. Maybe even entire articles dedicated to them on your local school blog. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Inform the young on what should be taught in schools across America. Even though the information on these paradoxes may be completely unnecessary, at least you’ll be able to know it. So in the great words of Albert Einstein, “I never worry about the future. It comes soon enough.” So in other words, don’t worry if you never learn about the different time paradoxes cause I might never tell you.

A Fake Ghost App by Harlow

So I have this fake ghost hunting app on my iPhone SE, and it has given me some interesting results. I know it is fake, because I can’t touch the ghosts, and the ghosts say the same things. Also, on the bus, I see 500+ year old ghosts. How fake is that???? My bus definitely wasn’t made 500 years ago. Here is a list of a few ghosts that I have spotted using my app:

  • 275 year old spectre, stressed-out, named Randall, also said delightful, whatever he meant by that…?
  • 215 year old, said we are the silence and in the woods, either is a secretary or was killed by a secretary.
  • 111 year old named Edward, said disgust, where am I? (you’re in the mass media room buster), and automn (i think he meant autumn)

I’ve discovered quite a few more ghosts, but I forgot all of them except Gerald, so I found three here, in the mass media room. Anyway, I think that’s enough writing for now. I hope you enjoyed reading about the ghosts I’ve found. Sayonara!

The Grandfather Paradox by Jacen

A Time Travel Scenario

“A grandfather is someone with silver in their hair and gold in his heart.” - Anonymous. This paradox is where you kill that lovely man. Or maybe his own grandpa. Either way, someone in your family tree dies. And the result can be… unpredictable.

What the scenario is, is this. You go back in time. Don’t ask how. And you accidentally kill your grandpa or any other ancestor of yours. The question is, what happens now? By following through with simple logic it seems, well, simple. Your grandpa is dead. So one of your parents is also dead. Well, they cease to exist. Which means, by the transitive property, that you also cease to exist. So boom. There goes your part of the family tree. But then more complicated logic comes into play. If you’re dead you never go to the future. If you never go the future, then your grandpa never dies. So then your parents are alive and well and you also end up existing again. Congratulations. But then that means you’re grandpa dies. Bwah bwah bwaaah. This is where everything falls apart into an endless abyss of curiosity and opinions and we all know what happens when people have opinions. And that’s why when you make a grandpa, you make sure the whole body is silver. Not just the hair.

Breath of the Wild by Peter

Very recently I got a Nintendo switch from my cousins. The game that I have played the most is Breath Of the Wild. This is a game in the Legend of Zelda trilogy. You start in the shrine of resurrection and the goal of the game is to help Zelda seal Calamity Ganon away. I think that the storyline is great so that is one reason to but it. For a Nintendo console the graphics are very good so yeah that’s a good reason to get it. Also the game play and the way that the game is built is very fun. Breath of the Wild is E10+ so there's nothing to worry about regarding language or other mature themes.

So is Breath of the Wild a good game? I say totally! Those are some reasons I think that Breath of The Wild is a great game.  

Long Bois by Michael

So recently I’ve heard talk about this Giraffe animal, and honestly I’m not sure what they are. I only know L O N G B O I S.
Image result for giraffes

Longbois are found in Africa and they are the world's tallest mammal! They can run about 35 miles per hour, which is about two times faster than the fastest human. They use their  l o n g  necks to bonk and fight other giraffes for mates. They also utilize their long necks to eat leaves from tall trees, and this allows them to always have food available, because you won’t see a lion eating from a tall tree. There are a lot of giraffes in the wild, and that means the population is nowhere near going extinct.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Why You Should Play League of Legends by Michael

Why You Should Play League of Legends by Michael

    So I hear you, you’ve played all the games, gotten all the achievements, and now you’re bored. What could you possibly do now you ask? You must move on from gaming you guess… WRONG! There’s a (not really) new game called League of Legends! It’s a sweet awesome game that is played by 27 million people! Let me explain it.

    League of Legends, or LoL, is a game from the MOBA genre. MOBA stands for multiplayer online battle arena. This means there are three lanes, that players go through, and they push towards the enemy base. Image result for map of summoner's rift 
As you can see in the picture above, there’s the red and blue bases, each base has a Nexus.  Destroy the Nexus, and you win! Usually, there are two players in the bottom lane, one in the middle, and one in the top. You might notice some area between the three lanes (the lanes are labeled as top, bot, and mid.): that’s the jungle! The jungle has monsters in it that players can kill, instead of minions. Certain monsters give players buffs when they’re killed, but I’ll get to that later.
Lanes and structures are what stops you from immediately winning. The structures are towers, inhibitors, and the nexus. Towers are big statues that are in each lane, and there’s four per lane. While they’re not destroyed, they’ll lock onto any enemy and will shoot them with a powerful blast. This is why it’s important to push towers with minions. The minions attack the tower and enemy minions, and they take the tower’s shots for the champions. When in the enemy base, there are 5 more towers protecting the inhibitors and nexus. The Inhibitors are static structures that don’t attack or respawn, unlike towers. The enemies that destroy it will be granted Super Minions, that have more health, and have stronger attacks than normal minions. Destroying multiple inhibitors is crucial to winning, since super minions deal a lot of damage to towers and the nexus.

    “Wow this game must be super complex how could I ever understand it?” Well just read and it’ll make more sense. The jungle is very dangerous, and the jungle role is usually most sought after. In this role, the player goes around defeating jungle monsters in their camps, and each camp has different monsters. While players in the lanes, players can kill minions for gold and experience.  Most important to junglers are the buffs. There are two of them, and they’re granted by the Red Brambleback, and Blue Sentinel. Image result for blue sentinel lol
The Blue Sentinel grants a buff that significantly increases mana regeneration, and reduces cool downs on champion abilities. The Brambleback gives a buff that makes the champion’s basic attack inflict a burn and slow effect.  Each buff lasts for 3 minutes, and if a champion kills another champion that holds the buff, the buff is transferred. The burn does damage over time, and the slow reduces a unit’s movement speed. Besides the smaller buff monsters, there’s epic monsters that grant team buffs.
 Image result for elder dragon lolRelated image 
The Baron Nashor and Dragons! The Baron Nashor spawns at 20 minutes into the game, and it takes a lot of champions to kill it. When it’s finally killed, it grants the team that killed it a buff that empowers recall abilities, and empowers your minions.  The Baron kill is essential to winning.

    There’s a lot more about League, but my main point is that it’s worth a try. It’ll be annoying to learn, but once you get into it, you’ll love it! It’s a PC game, but it isn’t too demanding on graphics. Just install it through the LoL site, and begin playing! Good luck summoners!

Poem: "Storms" by Harlow


Thunder crashing
Sounding like a million stampeding horses
Lightning lighting up the sky
Like the torch of a god
Rain splashing against the ground
Drops so big a mountain must’ve cried
A symphony of sounds
The sounds of destruction
These sounds strike awe and terror in the hearts of the beholders.

Ram-Napper by Kaleigh

Segment aired on the BNN - 11/28