Friday, October 16, 2015

Halloween Costumes! - Author: Brandi

As most of you know Halloween is just around the corner. This festive time calls for celebration. We have old traditions that we have always celebrated and those traditions have lived on through the years. The most festive tradition that we celebrate on Halloween is trick or treating. The only way that you can go trick or treating is if you have a costume but what are you supposed to wear? Well I'm here to tell you exactly what the new styles are so you can go and pick out a costume and be ready to earn some candy. You have to pick up your costumes before the shelves are clear and it's too late. Here are the top five styles of the season. Number 5: It is been a tradition for years for people to dress up as scary things such as goblins, gargoyles, vampires, and ghosts. So don't kill the tradition and frighten your friends! Number 4: You certainly can't have Halloween without all of what I like to call the fun costumes. These costumes has been around for a while. These could include plenty of different characters from famous movies such as Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. I could also include different types of costumes such as a movie star, a diva, a rocket, and any other traditional costumes that are not scary. Number 3: superheroes are reclaiming the shelves. This year they are very popular Supergirl, Superman, and all of the other superheroes are back in stores and ready for you to wear them. So be ready for you and your friends to go save the world! Number 2: Be a minion! It's very popular and in the Halloween stores, because of the movie that just came out. So you better be ready to turn yellow put on your goggles and your safety equipment because minions are here. Number 1: Now if any of you were wondering why I haven't mentioned this yet it is because it is number one. Anna, Elsa, and Olaf on the most popular costumes out there right now from Frozen. Frozen is a very popular movie and people have responded by buying lots of merchandise.Since they sell so many different things you would imagine that they have to sell Halloween costumes and they had a very popular effect so don't be surprised if you see lots of your friends the other kids dressed from Frozen. So those of the top five types of costumes being sold in stores today. Go and pick one out before they're all gone. Trick or treat!


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