Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The History of Spyro - Author: Gwen

Remember Spyro from Skylanders? Did you know that he didn't always look that way? In his first few games from the 1990s, he was quite the cartoonish character! Then The Legend of Spyro series came out, where Spyro and Cynder (Yes, Cynder!) were raised by four guardians: Ignitus the fire dragon, Terrador the earth dragon, Cyril the ice dragon, and Volteer, the electricity dragon. Then Cynder was kidnapped and raised by Spyro's purple counterpart Malefor (purple like him but 100 times more evil) and trained to kill. Eventually at the end of the series, Malefor was stopped and Cynder found where she truly belonged (at Spyro's side). This was found out at a great cost, however. The world was shattered into floating islands. The moles, who worshipped the dragons, were separated by the sky (hence Skylands). The moles became the natives of this world and the Skylanders saga begins.

The original Cynder (left) and original Spyro (right)

Sparx was also a character, as he was Spyro's (though silly) best friend.

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