Monday, February 29, 2016

Top 10 Superheroes and Villains - Author: Andrew

#10-Superman...Wait, what?! I am serious-Superman is #10. Big shock, isn’t it? Well even if he is basically invincible most of the time, he can not struggle with a fight.

#9-Venom. Venom is basically an extremely dark version of Spiderman. However, he's an awesome-looking villain!

#8-Groot. Groot is a giant tree with a mostly innocent personality, unless you get him mad. For a character who can only say “I Am Groot,” he is truly amazing.

#7-The Punisher. This guy is epic. All I’ll say.

#6-Star Lord. He is an amazing Guardian. He listens to a lot of old music.

#5-The Joker. Legendary villain. I like the version from The Dark Knight; it is more epic than the original.

#4-Batman.The Dark knight is nobody to mess with. He's called The Dark Knight for a reason.

#3-Spiderman. Spidey is legendary. He does everything a spider can. He spins a web any size. He catches thieves just like flies. Look out-here comes the Spiderman!

#2-Rocket Raccoon. Oh Rocket. The best Raccoon I know. He is the best member of the Guardians Of The Galaxy!

#1-Deadpool! I adore Deadpool. He is the best superhero ever for his humor and invincibility. Awesome!

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