Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Spoiled - Author: Kailey

Molly Dix is a normal 16-year old girl whose mother just passed away from cancer. She is now living with her grandparents until she gets a letter from Brick Berlin, the famous Hollywood actor, saying that he is her biological father. She moves out of her grandparents' house and moves to Brick’s mansion, only to meet her new step-sister Brooke Berlin. She thinks that Brooke is being very nice to her, but what she doesn't know is what Brooke actually says about her behind her back. Brooke’s friends try to get her to push Molly back to Indiana. Brick sees this as an opportunity to put both of them in Brooke’s room. Will they become best friends or will Molly move back to Indiana? Read the book and find out.  

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