Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Eos Lip Scrub Recipe - Author: Kailey

Eos Lip Scrub Recipe
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By: Kailey Slahor
  • Eos container
  • Eos lip balm
  • Chocolate melter
  • Sugar
  • Vaseline or beeswax
  • Optional- essential oil

* Have parental permission if you use this recipe you will be using hot objects and a knife*

  1. Gather your ingredients
  2. Cut out the lip balm and put it in the chocolate melt
  3. Pop out the grate in between the lip balm and container
  4. Screw the grate into the top of the Eos  
  5. Put in two tablespoons of the Vaseline or beeswax into the chocolate melt
  6. Once the lip balm and Vaseline/beeswax have melted mix with a fork ( if you are putting in the essential oil in put it in now)  
  7. As soon as this happens pour however much sugar you want into the mixture - the more sugar the better the exfoliate
  8. Once after somewhat mixed immediately put the mixture inside the container
  9. Put into the freezer over night
  10. Snap on the bottom of the container and enjoy

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