Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Dog Clothes - Author: Delaney

Do you have dogs? Do you have clothes to keep them warm in the winter? I know I do. I even have Halloween costumes for them. Some people would say I’m dog obsessed. Others say I’m crazy. Some say it’s cute. My dogs say they hate it. My dogs Halloween costumes are for the one, a cop. The other is a fairy. There's a tutu and wings. They also have many clothes options. I also made them a dresser. It’s a box. They have many clothes like, a skull and crossbone sweater, a gray sweat shirt, a pink, purple, green and yellow sweater, and many more. Some places you can purchase these are, Petsmart, Petco, and Amazon has EVERYTHING. I even have a dog stroller meant for dogs. I’m obsessed. If you enjoy football, some stores carry jerseys. You can also buy hats for them. Mine has a Yankee hat. He does not wear it. If you want something spooky for you dog to wear on Halloween, you should check out all these stores. Some Halloween options are, football player, cheerleader, spider, cop, fairy, prisoner, dog, devil and many more. Next time you're near Petsmart or a store that may have dog clothes, you should go in.

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