Wednesday, November 2, 2016

iOS 10 - Author: Nick

iOS 10 is the newest IOS update, and there are many mixed feelings about iOS 10. SO the question is… How do you feel about it?? iOS 10 added in a Lot of new things, like the ability to send a drawn picture. Also all of the phone that can also use a thumb print you have to press twice, once to unlock the phone the next too open it. There were also some small things, the first thing I did after getting iOS 10 was too open my folder with youtube and the opening was a lot faster, to be honest it jumpscared me. iOS 10 Changed a lot of things related to texting like the whole bar on the bottom was remodeled and when opening up more information it is kind of harder to navigate around. iOS 10 also gave Siri it's own tab in settings, before you had to open up general to change siri. There is also some new apps too put in your useless folder like wallet, if you aren't going to use it of course. There is also home, which I don't know what it does. On the bus the day I got iOS 10 I was told not to get it, but I did anyway, and I Personally like it. So what do you think about iOS 10? Good or bad? Amazing or trash?

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