Friday, December 23, 2016

Cars Talk to Each Other?!? - Author: Sara

In a few years new cars might be able to talk to each other.  Cars won’t be able to speak like you and me but they will be able to communicate through airwaves.  This could be a good thing and it could make driving safer.  Its called V2V or vehicle-to-vehicle communications.  It sends other cars all of your information including direction, speed, etc.  No information about the driver is given to the cars though.   This could help because it lets you know if the car in front of you behind you, or next to you is about to do something dangerous.  V2V will be put in all new cars and light trucks.  I am with this idea but against it.  The reason I am with it is because it will prevent car crashes, not all but some.  The reason I’m against the V2V is only new cars will get the V2V so the older cars won't be able to communicate.  So if you’re the only one with the V2V then it's useless. Also they would try to put it in all cars but I honestly don’t think it would work to transport them in all cars.
-Sara Brown

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