Thursday, February 16, 2017

Fossil Watches by Michael

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Apple Watch. This is in my opinion the most popular smartwatch, of course there has to be others though. There’s another big title which is the Samsung Gear S2. Now though, there is a new kid on the block. There’s been a watch company called Fossil, and they have quality watches of every kind(I suggest you check them out). Now they’ve taken a shot at smart watches!

Fossil now has a system called Q wearables. They are a bunch of smart watches that can connect to your phone. Fossil’s motto for it is, “Connected accessories that are smart and look smart, too” The price range of these watches are between $275 USD to $315. The great thing is, there are 15 different watches to choose from(they’re all touchscreen too)! These watches have great functionality as well. You connect the watch to your phone via an app, and tada! The app is called, “Android Wear.” You can do awesome things with your watch! You can answer texts with a voice controlled dictation mode. You can control music going into (wireless)earbuds or headphones. You can manage notifications on your phone, and even take pictures with it! There’s a button on the watch and if you phone’s camera is on it takes a picture!

Of course, like a fitness watch or another type of smartwatch, the Q watches can track things. It obviously tells the time. Yet it also tracks your steps, which is great for jogging or hiking etc. It also tells you how many calories you’re burning which is great for exercising. Now, I’ve taken a trip to the FAQ section of the Q. All the watches can connect to Android and IOS devices(sorry Samsung). The general setup is easy, you will open the app and follow instructions on how to “pair” your watch and phone. You’ll get an included charger and then you can plug the charger into a USB outlet. The fun part is that you stick the charger to the watch by placing it on the back of the watch. When the watch turns on you can continue the process. It’s also dust and splash proof, but of course it’s not recommended to expose it to dust and water.

If you’re not about fancy watches, or if you’re more into vintage things, they have the hybrid watches. This has most of the features of the normal Q watches, except it has an analog clock face. The battery life is up to six months. The watch can also track time in different time zones, and can track steps. It pretty much does the same thing as the normal watch, but it’s cheaper and some people in our school could actually buy it.

What’s my take on it? Honestly I love it! It’s not as good as an Apple watch, yet it seems great for small things. I like how it can do normal watch things, and it’s also like a fitness app. I like the style of Fossil watches and I think the Q system is a great add-on to everything the company has done! I think if I bought one I would get the hybrid watch, simply because it’s cheaper. I would love to have a traditional Q watch though. So now you know about a new smart device you can have on the go!

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